Educational technology study was first developed ChiefEssays.Net in the United States and has inspired scholars in many countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Turkey, China, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ), formerly known as IKIP Jakarta (Institute of Teacher Training and Education), is the pioneer of the establishment of Educational Technology Study Program in tertiary education.

The undergraduate program of the aforementioned study program in Universitas Negeri Jakarta was established in 1976 as a response to government’s plan set out in the 1969-1973 Guidelines. The guidelines how to write a conclusion in a biology lab report stipulated that the development of Indonesian education will be carried out through radio broadcasts in order to improve the distribution and quality of education.

In accordance with this, the head of National Development Planning Agency and Education and Cultural Department in the late 1970s stated that the empowerment of technology in education should be conducted by Indonesian experts. In order to meet these challenges and the need of local experts, Educational Technology Study Program of Universitas Negeri Jakarta then facilitated the establishment of Educational Technology Study Program in several universities in Indonesia.

Up to now, Educational Technology Study Program for undergaraduates has been established in twenty universities and for master program in nineteen universities and for doctorate program in two universities – one of which is at Universitas Negeri Jakarta.

The alumni of Educational Technology Study Program of Universitas Negeri Jakarta have contributed their expertise in various positions in many institutions: public and private as well as formal and non formal education sector. They have played important roles in the development of education in Indonesia and produced various innovations, in the form of educational programs as well as institutions which provide and manage education program.

Among the contributions of educational technology in Indonesian education practices is the TV series entitled ‘Aku Cinta Indonesia’ (I love Indonesia) which was do my college homework addressed to Junior High School students. The series aimed at building characters of Indonesian youth. Beside that, educational technology has inspired the establishment of Open Junior High School to support the basic education, Open University, and other institutions.

Considering the fast development of educational technology studies and practices in Indonesia, it is important to bring an international conference on educational technology to Indonesia. Therefore, we need ample support from the Association of Educational and