There will be a series of keynote speeches, plenary panel sessions, and parallel sessions, and roun table sharing sessions as follows:
Keynote Speeches

  1. Keynote Speech 1: “Research Technology and Education”, by Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education: Prof. Mohamad Nasir
  2. Keynote Speech 2: “Education in The Information Communication Era”, by Minister of Communication and Informatics: Rudiantara
  3. Keynote Speech 3: “Educational Technology Reseach and Practice”, by Mike Spector
  4. Keynote Speech 4: “Instructional Design Strategies, For Open and Distance Learning”, by Barbara Lockee
  5. Keynote Speech 5: “Open online Learning and Instruction”, by Tian Belawati

Plenary Panel Sessions:

  1. Panelis 1: Robert Reiser
  2. Panelis 2: Steve Harmon
  3. Panelis 3: Rob Branch
  4. Panelis 4: Chairul Tanjung
  5. Panelis 5: Johannes Cronje
  6. Panelis 6: Robert Reiser
  7. Panelis 7: Marcus Childress

Parallel Sessions: see Schedule
Round Tabel Sharing Sesiions: see Schedule
Spesial Event:

  1. MoU Signing
  2. University Exhibition controversial debates and Socialization
  3. Gala Dinner and Cultural Evening
  4. One Day Tour

For schedule of ETWC 2016, see Schedule page.