Welcoming Speech 1


Welcoming Speech

Rector of Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Chairperson of Steering Committee ETWC 2016

Prof. Dr. Djaali


May God Bless us all. Amien

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I believe it is God’s blessing that we can come and attend this very important and prestigious event; the 1st in Indonesia, Educational Technology World Conference (ETWC) 2016. Therefore, indeed, it’s my pleasure to welcome you all.

In this very important moment, allow me to express my deep gratitude and special compliment to His Excellency Mr. Muhammad Nasir, the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of RI, and His Excellency Mr. Rudiantara, the Minister of Communication and Informatics of RI for the devotion and keen attention to support this conference. For Mr Muhammad Nasir, I would like to request his pleasure to deliver and present his keynote speech and officially open the confeence and for Mr. Rudiahtara, I would like to request his pleasure to deliver and present his keynote speech and officially close the conference.

My special welcome and appreciation should also be addressed to all invited speakers of the conference. They are prominent figures in the disciplines of educational technology, coming from USA, South Africa and Indonesia. To be specific, allow me to name some of them:

  1. Prof. Mike Spector, Ph.D – University of North Texas, USA
  2. Prof. Barbara Lockee, Ph.D – Virginia Technology School of Education, USA
  3. Prof. Tian Belawati, M.Ed., Ph.D – Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia
  4. Prof. Dr. Robert Reiser – Georgia State University, USA
  5. Dr. Rob Branch – University of Georgia, USA and past President of AECT
  6. Prof. Kay Persechitte – University of Wyoming and current President of AECT
  7. Prof. Dr. Johannes Cronje – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
  8. Dr. Chairul Tanjung – CEO Trans Corporation, Indonesia


I must also extend my high appreciation to the President of AECT (American Education and Communication Technology) Ms. Kay A. Persichitte who is now with us here for the support that makes this conference run as planned. In this event, may I ask her pleasure to make a final remark of the conference in the last day.

My appreciation should also be addressed to the sub-theme speakers and also all parallel speakers as well as participants coming from various places in the five continents. Your contribution signifies that this conference is truly worldwide.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My gratitude and appreciation must also be addressed to all cohost universities, Universitas Terbuka, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, and Universitas Mahendradatta who have shared significant contribution to make this event possible.

Last but not least, allow me to express similar appreciation to be given to The Governor of Jakarta and Governor of Bali. Your support and contribution are really significant.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Finally, I hope this conference might reveal best result to contribute not only in the field of educational technolgy but also in education in general.

Good luck and have a nice conference.
Thank you.
Bali, 31 July, 2016
Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Prof. Dr. Djaali