It is our pleasure to inform you that Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia in cooperation with Jordan University of Science and Technology, would hold an international conference on ‘Language and Human Thoughts: Language and Social Sciences in Civilisation Development’ on 21-23 October 2015 in Jakarta Indonesia.

Language is one of the most important parts in the process of human thinking and directly relates to the mind, emotion, feeling, and ideas that are communicated in various ways. Human creations or products are expressed through language within individuals or mainly in social contexts.

Human thoughts are discovered, published, explained, appreciated, criticised, transferred, and modified through language. Language and human thoughts in social interaction and social phenomena is therefore inseparable. Without language human are not able to think, and without thoughts human are not able to have language, and without language there will be great challenges in the process of social interaction. The conference focuses on the contribution of language in preservation and development of sciences, and the contribution of sciences in developing and preserving language.

The purposes of the conference are to:

  1. study and discuss the dialectic of Language and social sciences
  2. study and discuss the nature of science and technology in the perspective of language and social sciences
  3. study and discuss the contribution of science technology in the development of language and social sciences
  4. study and discuss integration model of science as an alternative to modern civilisation
  5. provide the opportunity for academic dialogue for researchers and those interested in the humanities and sciences

We are therefore eager to invite your participation in the conference and we would like to invite you to send the participation form and the abstract at latest 30 August 2015 and full paper by 30 September 2015 in order for us to be able to include it in the proceeding.

Conference Themes

The topics in the conference are as follows, and not limited to:

  1. Dialectic of Language and Social Sciences
  2. Political Language and Politic of Language
  3. Civil Society and Modern Civilisations
  4. Religion in the Perspective of Language and Sociology
  5. The Paradigm of Science on Religion, Language, and Social Sciences
  6. Science and Technology in the Perspective of Language and Social Sciences
  7. Literature and the Development of Civilisation
  8. Globalisation and Hegemony of Culture
  9. Universal Cultures and Local Wisdoms
  10. Integration of Science as an Alternative to Development of Civilisation