Paper Criteria

Paper Criteria:

  1. Papers are written in English (Times New Roman 12 font size) or Arabic (Traditional Arabic 14 font size), footnote (Arial 8 font size), in-text citation using APA style, and no more than 10 pages (for undergraduate students 5 to 7 pages).
  2. Title of paper, author’s name, and institution should be placed on top of the first page.
  3. Curriculum vitae and newest photo must be included and sent to email together with abstract.
  4. The author should include a recommendation at the end of the paper.
  5. Papers must meet the criteria of academic writing in order to be selected, original, and has not been published before.
  6. Abstract and paper are sent via email to

Template Full Paper :

Please kindly find the attachment below for the template of full paper

Full-Paper_TEMPLATES- (4)