Frequently Asked Questions

Can all authors for one abstract be presenters?

No. You are not allowed to present the same abstract with different presenters, even though you are all the same writer for the abstract. 

Can all authors for one abstract have certificate as presenter?

No. The certificate as a presenter is only given to author whose name is listed in our system through the author’s own registration as a presenter and has been confirmed by the Admin regarding his/her participation during the conference. Certificates are distributed by means of Generated by System (non-human conduct) which can be downloaded from each account after the Admin confirms from within the system. Therefore, we ask you as the presenter to pay attention to the full name because that name will be automatically generated by the system in your certificate.

Can Non-presenters get a certificate?

Yes. Certificates can also be given to Non-presenters through the system which can be downloaded from within their respective accounts. Therefore, we ask you as a Non-presenter to pay attention to your full name because that name will be automatically generated by the system in your certificate..

Can other people represent my participation?

No. We do not allow your participation to be represented by anyone. If this condition is identified then we will give sanctions by stating that your certificate is canceled by not allowing you to download your certificate from your account through our system. 

Can I submit more than one abstract / full paper?

Yes. You may submit more than one different abstract or full paper from your account. Therefore, we do not recommend registering a new account to upload other abstracts and manuscripts – just with one account, you may submit for more than one abstract or full paper.

Is the selected manuscript guaranteed to be included in the Scopus indexed Journal?

Yes. In terms of publication, we cooperate with a Journal Clinic which will mediate the publication of the selected manuscripts. The Journal Clinic guarantees the publication process of your manuscript until it is published in the destination Journal indexed by Scopus or WoS. It is possible that certain manuscripts are rejected by the destination Journal, but the Journal Clinic will continue to make submissions to other journals.  

What are the names of the Scopus indexed Journals that are addressed?

We cannot provide clarity about the names of the destination Journals. Rationally, the manuscript/s of each author is different, both in terms of research theme, research novelty, and the author’s track record in works. These things are considered by the Journal in determining whether a manuscript is accepted or rejected so that the author must look for another journal. Based on these conditions, we cannot provide permanent journal names as intended publication.  

Is the registration fee outside of the publication fee?

Yes. The registration fee only covers participation in the conference activities. The publication fee will be determined later based on the details of our MoU partner – Journal Clinic. 

Is it the author who chooses the intended Journal or does ICELS choose the journal for the authors?

No. The determination of the intended Journals is only done by the Journal Clinic. In this case, ICELS is only responsible for selecting the Full Paper that is submitted before it is given to the Journal Clinic for processing towards publication. 

Does ICELS provide proceedings that have an ISBN?

No. We do not provide Proceedings publications internally. The issuance of the Proceedings will be determined later when we have obtained an MoU with the Proceeding Publishers. However, we need to inform you that the publication of Proceedings for the theme of Social Sciences can only be indexed in the Web of Science and the international Proceedings of Non-Scopus. This was because Scopus was not really interested in the Social Sciences theme. You may also download the available Book of Abstracts from within your respective account.

How will be the Journal’s publication flow

All manuscripts submitted to ICELS will be selected. We will continue to submit the Full Paper manuscript to the Journal Clinic to facilitate its publication until publication. Therefore, at the end of the conference, to be precise on September 18-20, 2020, presenters will be asked to do a Full Paper Submission for review by ICELS. The ICELS review process will determine the selected manuscripts which then proceed to the Journal Clinic for publication process. We only accept manuscripts that can show a New Approach in the research.

Why can’t I login yet?

This problem can be caused by three things: 1) your account has not been approved by our admin, 2) the email you used when registration has not been validated, 3) you entered the wrong email or login code.

What if I forget my account login code?

You can check it again in your e-mail – inbox or SPAM folder. The Login link, Login E-mail, and Login code had been sent by the system to your E-mail after the Admin had made an Approve in the past. If the E-mail has been deleted in your E-mail, please change the Login Code.

How can I change my account Login Code?

You can login to your account first. From within your account, press the Change Login Code button, you will be sent a confirmation link via e-mail. From within your e-mail, press the url link to confirm and the system will automatically generate your new Login Code. You cannot choose the Login Code yourself.

Do I have to put profile photo in my account?

We recommend upload your own Profile Photo. This is important to identify yourself and become a profile photo in the Book of Abstract (BoA) which you can download yourself from within your account.

What if I forget to enter the names of other authors in the system when filling out the abstract?

You can login to your account first. From within your account, press the Abstract button then press the Edit button. In the All Authors field and in the Abstract field, you can enter all authors’ names. After that, press the Save button so that the changes can be saved on our system.